There's a revolution going on...

From the cubical to the boardroom, emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way we connect. The nature of competitive industry is evolving, and companies are seeing their rivals, employees, and customers transform at a breathtaking speed. So while everyone is affected by these changes, why is so little being done to help companies cope with them? It's time to reinvent the way we engage, manage, and source talent.

If you are ready to join the revolution: Welcome to Varipoint.

Varipoint is a boutique international consulting firm dedicated to helping companies get the most out of their human capital. From workforce assessment and optimization to specialized recruiting, we provide our clients with a unique range of talent acquisition and digital human capital solutions.


Powered by ideas. Driven by results.

The Varipoint team members have been carefully selected for the breadth of their background knowledge as well as their specialized industry experience. We've impacted leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, financial institutions, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, consultancies, high-tech ventures, start-ups, private equity firms and healthcare providers. Varipoint attracts leaders with the desire and willingness to add their knowledge and experience to yours.

We are thinkers. We are innovators. We are experts with in-depth industry knowledge and our experience and creativity defines how we think. Our insights govern our approach.


Creativity + Insight = Results

Human Capital today is complicated. Not just because people are socially and professionally connected as never before, but also because the end product is a human relationship. Social media has restored the missing human element to digital interaction. Now employers are faced with a myriad of tools to manage that relationship. Never before have companies had to worry so much about how they are perceived by current and prospective employees. Never before have they had so many outlets to create a connection.

But where do you start?

The core service of Varipoint is to create unique, adaptable, yet sustainable digital human capital solutions. While many companies regard their talent management, talent aquisition and digital identity as disparate elements, we disagree. At Varipoint, we seek to unify these strategies. We give you the tools to leverage the most relevant social media applications and workforce strategies to connect you with the people who catalyze a new cycle of talent, growth and profitability.